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The all-rounder

1 Device: many functions.
Our Autoflasher can do all this

Take the strongest properties from all competitors on the market, add a little more and you have our auto flasher.
With our Autoflasher you can work with almost every control device on the market. Around 40,000 protocols for more than 25,000 vehicles ensure
that you will get by with a single tool.

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read and write function

Due to its high level of compatibility, our Autoflasher can be used to read out and write to all common engine and transmission control units.

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Checksum calculation

You save yourself the manual calculation of the checksums. The Autoflasher does this for you and adapts the values ​​if necessary.

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OBD Flash & ECU Detection

We are rapidly approaching the 30,000 mark of logs and new ones are added almost daily. With our tool you work extremely effectively and do not lose any time. For even greater work comfort, we have programmed our tool so that it recognizes incorrectly selected control units and sets the appropriate protocol without manual intervention.

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ECU & TCU Cloning

The Autoflasher can do more than just increase performance. The tool has a real full backup method and thus enables a complete relearn, which takes the services in terms of support and ECU repair to a whole new level.

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Back to original

With this function, many control units can not only be reset to their original state, but you can also downgrade or upgrade the current data status.

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Error goodbye

Our autoflasher finds existing error codes via the OBD-2 socket and automatically removes them immediately after writing the tuning file. You don't need to do this separately

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Bench Flash

With some control units, the additional removal of the control unit is necessary. In our Autoflasher case, we supply all the necessary content so that the control unit can be easily removed, the connection to which is located on the pins on the connector. Thanks to modern technology, the complicated opening of the ECU has no longer been necessary for several years.

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Boot Flash

There are still a few control units where neither the OBD nor the bench method are used. These control units, which only make up a small fraction, can only be edited after the ECU has been opened. With the boot flash method, the connection is made on the printed circuit board.

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Everything from
one suitcase.

Everything you need is included in the Autoflasher case that we supply. Get started without any preparation time and read the first control unit directly

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Today, we can already draw on a portfolio of several thousand vehicles and hundreds of ECUs that harmonize perfectly with our Autoflasher. However, we are not resting on our laurels, but are regularly expanding our range of protocols and ECUs.

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All the necessary data can be read out and imported via the vehicle’s diagnostic socket via the OBD connection.

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To boot it is necessary to open and remove the engine control unit. There is a printed circuit board on the control unit. There you make the connection at 1 to 3 points.

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The engine control unit is also removed here. In contrast to booting, however, no opening is required, since the connection is made directly on the front socket.

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Program Automatic transmission

AutoFlasher specializes in providing the best automatic transmission unit (TCU) solutions, supporting a wide range of vehicles.

It incorporates innovative protocols for repair, modification (tuning) and improves sustainability by enabling the reuse of otherwise unusable mechatronics.

TCU solutions are super fast, safe and stable.

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High compatibility

Our Autoflasher is compatible with all popular makes and models.

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Vehicle Data

With the integrated data recording function, all relevant data and parameters (such as boost pressure, injection, ignition, lambda value, etc.) are recorded and visualized in tabular form.


We never let up​
We don't settle for average

We are only satisfied with the best. Therefore, our tools are equipped with the most modern standards and communication options with the control unit. Automatically backing up your TriCore password and reading out the memory contents within a few seconds are just two advantages that you will benefit from in the long term.slation”>We are only satisfied with the best. Therefore, our tools are equipped with the most modern standards and communication options with the control unit. Automatically backing up your TriCore password and reading out the memory contents within a few seconds are just two advantages that you will benefit from in the long term.

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always up to date

As soon as you start your Autoflasher with a stable internet connection, it will be checked for the latest version. If there is a newer version of the Flasher software, it will be downloaded automatically, so you are always up-to-date.

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1 provider -
2 designs

Not every autoflasher is the optimal solution for every customer. In order to cover the needs of our customers in the best possible way, we have brought two versions onto the market: the master and the slave version.

Tell us which provider and for what purpose you use the flasher and we will tell you which flasher is suitable.


With our products, you can expect only the highest quality and workmanship. With careful handling, the Autoflasher will easily last more than a decade. In exceptional cases, if the device does not run as desired, we will replace it for life. Except in the case of our own fault.


Trained customer service

We won't leave you out in the cold if you have unanswered questions. Via e-mail, live chat or ticket system and by phone, our well-trained service staff will take care of your concerns as quickly as possible. You will not have to wait longer than 1 hour. In some cases we connect to your PC remotely.

fast delivery


We understand your desire to get started with your Autoflasher as soon as possible. To make this possible for you, we use the option of express shipping. As a rule, your case is already waiting for its use 48 hours after the order. In Europe the delivery is free of charge. And will be delivered insured via UPS.

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